How Politically Correct Should Christians be?

Politically Correct Christians

Politically Correct

That term is used so much today. Let’s all be politically correct as to not offend anyone, anywhere, ever. That, my friends, is impossible. We will dive into the Bible and see what the Word says about being politically correct or as I like to call it, not stepping on anyone’s toes. But first, I will take this time to vent some frustration out towards the world as a whole for having thin skin.

First, I have to admit, this article is spurred by the Chick-Fil-A fiasco. A Christian man, who happens to own a popular fast food chain, was asked about his view on biblical marriage (one man and one woman). The interviewers had set him up for a fall, either by him lying and them pulling out the company financial records to indicate otherwise or to get him to admit the truth and have a backlash. To ask a Christian about something like that (knowing his views as a Christian) and then get upset when he answers the way you thought, is deliberately and purposefully stirring the s*#%.  (yes, I really did censor that word, I used that phrase because there are a lack of words to describe that situation and that phrase fit very well)

I just recently sat down with some friends and they expressed their opinions that imposing their views as Christians on others was a bad idea. I was shocked and saddened that here are Christians, who have this great gift that God has given them (Salvation, the Holy Spirit) and they are being quiet about it. Now, I don’t go around telling every single person about Christ or the Bible but I do have a tattoo of thorns in the shape of a fish with Calvary in the middle of it, on my forearm. So we can say that I’m not shy about being a Christian either.

Politically Correct vs. Being a Witness

Christians are called to be a witness of Christ (Acts 1:8). When we are at our lowest point in life and God saves us from ourselves and sin, we are called to share that good news with people. His continual grace in a Christian’s life is something to be celebrated and shared with others. Being politically correct is the direct opposite of being a witness. When you are a witness to someone, you are in effect, telling them that there is a God who saved you through Jesus Christ. Telling a homosexual person this, lies in direct opposition to their views on marriage, sex, and lifestyle. Are we called to keep quiet for fear of offending the said party? No. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, testified about Christ until his dying breath. Even as he was being stoned to death, he forgave the Jewish leaders’ actions (Sanhedrin)

Christians are guaranteed to face opposition in this world (John 16:33). It’s because the world is ran by the god of this age/prince of this world. (Satan – 2 Corinthians 4:4). Being politically correct is another term for muffling God’s truth. The world tells us to shut up and sit down. We don’t want to hear about your God, Jesus Christ, or the Bible. They don’t want to hear about it because as the Bible says, they are in the darkness (or sin) and don’t like be shown the Light because it exposes their sin. (John 3:19)

In short, A Christian should approach each and every person with love. But do NOT be quiet about what God has done and will do in your life. It isn’t right to hide all the wonderful things He does (and forgives) you for on a daily basis by His grace. It isn’t right to not share the wonderful Gift you received when you signed on to following Jesus Christ as your Savior. I’m not saying to go out and have a fight with a Muslim because you two disagreed on the topic of religion. You can share God by being bold and sharing kind, loving words with people. Offering to pray for someone is not an offensive thing to ask, they can say no. It’s not like your twisting their arm and making them accept your offer of prayer. Even if they say no, you can give a silent prayer as you smile to them and kindly say, “Ok, have a great day. God bless.”  Just in case you’re wondering, yes you say God bless even if they refuse prayer. (see Luke 6:28) You’re not being a jerk by adding that God bless, you are actually asking God to bless that person’s life so that they may see Him, His glory, be saved, and have eternal life.

Politically Correct (World’s view) or God’s view?

That’s the basic question every Christian has today. Do we fall in line with all the other people in the world? The answer is NO. In Matthew 7:13-14, it says that the path to eternal life is narrow and few will find it but the path to destruction is wide and broad. What does this mean? By falling in line with the rest of the world, you are becoming an enemy of God, James 4:4 says:

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

Going against the grain of the world is usually being associated with God. The line is the sand is clearly drawn and walking the line is not possible. Which side will you take?