7 reasons to follow Jesus

What are the reasons to follow Jesus? As a Christian, I have personally witnessed times in my life where God has been there and helped me. I know that God is with me always, even when He is doing “behind the scenes” work in my life. I have those times when He answered a prayer or where I even felt His Spirit as a way to look back and tell myself that He is with me.

Here is the main idea: If someone came up to you and asked: Why do you follow Jesus? Why are you a Christian?

What would you say?

If someone came and asked me, Why follow Jesus? I would have an answer.follow Jesus

  1. This has to be numero uno in reasons to follow Jesus Christ. Salvation. Jesus Christ died on a cross so that mankind (every single one of us) could have a personal relationship with God. The good news that’s all throughout the Bible, is that we now can be in a relationship with God. Everyone of us has sinned in some way and missed the mark but Jesus took everyone’s sins upon Himself and if we just believe in Him, we will have eternal life with God.
  2. He brings purpose into your life. I remember before I came to Christ, I didn’t have a purpose. I was always wondering: Why am I here? I feel like I’m just floating around in life and not doing anything. I think God was watching me have that internal struggle during all those years because as soon as I gave my life over to Jesus, God clued me in on what He wanted me to do with my life. I have a purpose. God has a plan for every single one of us.
  3. God’s unending love. You know, it’s nice knowing that God loves me, for me. I’m not that attractive, I’m a pretty big guy and my wife says I have a weird laugh. But God loves my weird laugh. He loves me. Even when I sin, God still loves me. I have seen signs and posters of things like “God hates sinners”. That is WRONG. God loves people, He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die on the cross, to take our place and restore His relationship with mankind. God loves people, He just hates the sins people commit.
  4. Forigveness. Yep, this ties in with number three. God’s love for each one of us is so strong that no matter what we have done, He will forgive us. You may think you’re the most horrible person in the world and that there is no way God wants anything to do with you. God will meet you where you are. If you are in jail, doing drugs, killed someone, lied, stolen stuff, or all of the above….Guess what? God will forgive you and RESTORE you. Jonah tried to run away from God and God had a huge fish swallow him up. Don’t be like Jonah and run away from God, instead, run towards God. The Apostle Paul persecuted many Christians before he became a Christian himself. Paul was responsible for the killing of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. God forgave Paul and restored him. Paul went on from that encounter with God and wrote parts of the Bible among many other things.
  5. We have God’s peace. When we follow Jesus, we have His peace in our lives. Again, I can see this from my own life. I had such anger before I came to Christ. When I started to follow Jesus, He took my anger and gave me peace. What normally would have made me beyond angry or mad, now it just doesn’t seem as bad as it used to be.follow Jesus
  6. God has our best interests at heart. If we trust God we will come out in victory. Because God has a plan for all of us, His plans include the best. We must trust in Him and do what He wants us to do. It’s like looking through  frosted glass. You can see general shapes and outlines but you don’t see the clear picture. That’s how we are. While we are viewing life with our distorted vision, God sees things clearly and can help us avoid some pitfalls in life.
  7. Blessings. God is always looking for ways He can bless us. He wants to overflow blessings in our lives. I have received many blessings and things God has helped me with. For example, just recently God has provided me a way to buy a camera to use on this blog, to do video and take pictures to put into my articles. The peace I have received from Jesus is a blessing. Me being in a warm home with food in my tummy is a blessing. With my physical condition, God has blessed me to still be able to walk. So many things God does for us. It’s just part of God’s awesome love for each one of us. He is like a Father who helps his kid. The Father teaches his child how to go through life. The Father helps the child as they grow up and become more mature. The Father always loves his kid and no matter how old that person is, he is still special to his Father. You are that kid and God is the Father.

Only 7 reasons to follow Jesus?

Now, you may be asking yourself. Hey wait a minute, aren’t there supposed to be 10 reasons to follow Jesus? There are way more than 7 reasons to follow Jesus, way more than 10 reasons. But each one of us will have several special reasons we choose to follow Jesus and be a Christian. These are just the ones I thought of. If you have some more, leave a comment below and share!

  • He will always be there for me, never leaving or forsaking, loving unconditionally, guiding and correcting as needed to enhance and develop me spiritually 

    • That’s awesome Pat! Yes, God does do all those things and more! Another one I thought about just now is how much He thinks about us. He is ALWAYS thinking about us. His thoughts for each one of us outnumber the grains of sand.

  • zana

    i think that without being in Him , we are not able to love others truly..Being in Jesus ,is being in love. Being out of jesus ,to me,is being out of love

    • Zana –
      You are right. God is love. We learn to love others by first knowing what it is like to be loved from Him! Thanks for your comment.